• Step 1

    Visit our office

    Our head office is at:
    48b Hendon Lane, Finchley,
    London N3 1TT.

    As well as the item that you wish to pawn, be sure to bring with you suitable I.D. such as your passport or photo card driving licence.

    PLUS you’ll need a current utility bill, no older than 3 months, showing your current address. For example, an electric, gas or council tax bill, or a bank statement or credit card or store statement. Mobile phone bills cannot be accepted.

  • Step 2

    We check your items

    We’ll check the item with you while you wait to make sure that we both agree its value and the amount that we are able to loan against it

  • Step 3

    You receive the money

    You leave the item with us and we can either give you cash or cheque, or we can transfer the money directly into your bank account – usually cleared within 2 hours of transfer.

  • Step 4

    You redeem your item

    As soon as your loan is paid off we will return your item(s) to you.

    The loan period is for 7 months with a single repayment at the end of the Loan Term – so no need/nothing to pay for 7 months.

    You can pay back your loan at any time during the 7 months by simply paying off the loan amount and outstanding interest due.

    You can extend the loan period for another term of 7 months, AT ANY TIME, by simply paying up the outstanding interest due, and starting again with a new 7 month loan.

Click on each of the steps to see how you can get a guaranteed short-term loan from £500 to £100,000 and get access to money straight away!

  • Nothing to pay for 7 months
  • Instant cash or bank transfer
  • Competitive interest rates