1. Why can you trust sending your goods to us?
    We are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.
    We are covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service. We are approved members of the National Pawnbrokers Association.
  2. Who are you?
    We are a family of third generation jewellers, who have been in the jewellery and
    watch industry for over 70 years. Our reputation, knowledge, and family name are
    of the highest standards and integrity. PawnDirect is the trading style of Barwill
    Investments Ltd, a UK Limited Company ( Company No 6873314 ). Our professional Management
    Team has extensive experience in carrying out business safely online.
  3. Can I visit you?
    You are most welcome to come and meet us at our premises from Monday to Friday,
    10am -5pm (except bank holidays).
  4. What can I raise money against?
    Any gold items (including scrap or broken items and coins), jewellery, quality branded
    watches, loose diamonds and coloured stones, antiques, antique silver, art.
  5. How much can I borrow?
    Our loans are generally between £250 and £10,000 , but there is no upper limit
  6. How is the interest charge calculated?
    Interest is calculated as set out in the Consumer Credit Directive implemented in
    February 2011. Whilst the agreement within the standard 7 month term uses the ACTUARIAL
    FORMULA for calculating interest, once it is out of term or past the EXPIRY DATE
    it will use the SIMPLE INTEREST DAILY RATE method to calculate interest.
  7. How many items can I pawn at one time?
    You can do as many as you want, either :all on one transaction, or all on separate
    transactions, whichever you prefer.
  8. Are my goods safe and insured, when I post them to you?
    All goods must be sent(unless delivered in person), by Royal Mail Special Delivery.
    You must fully insure your item(s) value up to £2,500 and keep your receipt of postage
    which details your unique tracking number and allows you to check the delivery status
    of your parcel.
  9. How do I know my items will be secure once they are with you?
    Once your item(s) arrive with us, they will be individually tagged and coded and
    then stored in one of our heavy duty safes for the duration of the loan.
  10. What ID do I need to send you?
    We only need to see a copy (NO ORIGINALS) of either your passport or photo-card
    driving licence, and also a copy of a current utility bill, no older than 3 months,
    showing your current address. For example, an electric, gas or council tax bill;
    or a bank statement, credit card or store card statement. Please make sure you put
    these copies in the Royal Mail Special Delivery pack together with your item(s),
    or fax them to 0208 369 5900, or scan and email them to
    or if you are coming to our premises, please make
    sure you bring them with you…
  11. How long can I borrow the money for?
    Our contract loan term is for 7 months. You can settle your loan at any time sooner
    if you wish (there are no penalties for early settlement/redemption) – or extend
    it for another term of 7 months (subject to 11 below).
  12. What happens if I cannot afford to get my goods back at the end of the 7 month
    Provided that you are able to pay the interest due on the first seven months term,
    then we would be pleased to offer you a further new 7 month agreement.
  13. If I can’t pay off my loan after 7 months will my credit rating be affected and
    will I have a bad debt?
    No, absolutely not. We will simply sell your item to recover the amount you borrowed
    plus the accrued interest and any costs incurred in selling the item, such as auction
    fees. We will send you any surplus.
  14. If I send gold to you, to pawn, what do I have to do?
    Send your item(s) by Royal Mail Special delivery – remember to insure the value(s)
    up to £2,500 , and on arrival of the item(s) at our premises , we will weigh , test
    and check every item that you have sent , and then contact you with a breakdown
    of exact weights , and exact carats of gold , as this will determine how much we
    can pay you for your gold item(s).
  15. How do you value a diamond?
    One of our team of qualified and vastly experienced gemmologists will examine your
    stone for weight and colour ,and as a result of our extensive knowledge within the
    industry we will then be able to offer you a loan – we will aim to lend you as much
    as possible. We are members of the worldwide Rappaport Diamond Index, which updates
    daily prices for all diamonds around the world.
  16. How do I get my money, once the deal is agreed?
    Once we have contacted you and you have confirmed the agreement, we will either:
    transfer the money to your bank account (usually cleared within 2 hours of transfer),
    or send you a cheque, or send you a Postal Order which you can cash at any Post
    Office with ID. If you come to our premises then we could arrange to give you cash
    (which we are unable to send through the post).
  17. What if I don’t have a bank account?
    We can send you a Postal Order for the full amount, payable to you, and posted to
    you by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery which will need to be signed for on delivery.
    You can either present the Postal Order to any UK Post Office with ID within 6 months
    and it will be paid out in cash, or you can pay the Postal Order into your account.
  18. If I have sent my goods to you, and we cannot agree a deal, what happens?
    We will send your item(s) back to you free of charge by Royal Mail Special Delivery
    that day.
  19. How can I contact you?
    freephone 020 8446 8538
    email: info@PawnDirect.co.uk
    address: PawnDirect
    48b Hendon Lane, Finchley
    London N3 1TT
  20. How do I make a complaint?
    Download the complaints procedure instructions by clicking the link below
    PawnDirect Customer Complaints PDF
    and follow the instructions given in the document.