R F, Toxteth, Liverpool

I didn’t want to part with my gold Rolex, but had no choice, it was that or the bailiffs. Thanks guys for helping me out.

S A , Petersham

Out of work again due to sickness, need a new loan to tide me over. I am a very satisfied returning customer. Great service, and friendly too.

T K, East London

Instant Loans……………….. Look no further. Took these guys my Rolex and within 10 minutes the cash and contract were in my pocket. Thanks guys see you in a couple of months.

Z I, Cardiff

Thank you for all your help, and putting my mind to rest.

S C , Liverpool

A very satisfied returning customer. Highly recommend these guys.

S A, Devon

Tom Hi, Please thank Gerry and thanks also to yourself for an excellent service. Got me out of a tight spot. Fourth time.

J L , Merseyside

Once again we would like to extend our thanks to you and your team for your kindness and compassion towards our situation.

D G, London

Highly trusted , considerate and helpful – and recommended.

B B , London

I have been using PawnDirect loads of times – great service , great help.