P J, Blackburn

Dear Pawn Direct I was loathed to part with my IWC watch but needed money. After coming to your offices, I felt re-assured that the transaction was 100% safe and your instant service of the money being sent into my account whilst I was with you was very impressive. Thank you

G B , London

After searching on the internet looking to borrow money on my Rolex, your rates were by far the most competitive. Your service was very impressive, confidential and efficient. Thank you

N M , Dorset

My 1.8ct Platinum Diamond Solitaire had been sitting in my safe at home for 7 years. Wanted £3000 to buy a car. Pawning the ring has got me out of a real pickle!! Thanks for the help

T G , Oxford

Needed a new gas boiler at home, and have not worn my 18ct solid gold panther bangle for many years. Your £1600 loan, means I will be warm this winter and have continuous hot water!!!

P D, Leicester

I needed to pay for my sons university fees for next term as he is training to become a Doctor. Your £3000 loan on my 22ct indian gold, has meant my son can reach his goal. Jonathan thank you for your help in the matter.

D R, Holborn, London

I wanted to take my wife on holiday for our silver wedding but have just been laid off, but by pawning my Rolex with you, I was able to borrow £2000, to visit our son in Australia. After visiting your premises , we walked out with £2000. Gerry Thanks for your help!!!

T W, Ilkeston, Derby

Thanks Tom for lending me £1800 on my Rolex. I can get the Suzuki motorbike that I have always wanted. As I am out of work, I am going on a motorbike gap 3 month tour of Europe. See you on my return as I start my new job September 1st!!

R V , Chelsea, London

I bought the bi-metal Rolex in January, was made redundant in Febuary, and needed £3000 worth of dental work!! With out this loan I would still be in pain with my bad teeth. Pawn Direct thank you.

V J , Southall

I have never pawned anything before, especially not my 22ct gold bangle. But thanks to you I am able to go home to Delhi to see my 96 year old grandmother.

M F , Glasgow

Believe it or not, I needed £1500 for the renewal of my Arsenal season ticket, and at the moment a bit short of cash, so I pawned with Jonathan my assorted old gold until I get my next pay cheque. Jonathan you are a star. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!