P D, Windsor

I would like to thank Pawndirect for their incredible speed and help. I had an important bill to pay of £3000, and on receipt of my Rolex, the money was transferred into my account within 2 hours. A huge thank you.

F N, Norwich

Your rates are definitely the best on internet!! I received £4000 for my 2ct Solitaire Platinum Diamond Ring from you. Just to say thanks for your very fast turn around and efficiency.

V S, Harrow

We had two sets of school fees to pay for the summer term, and did not want to sell my 22ct wedding jewellery, we just needed a short term loan. Jonathan Thank you, the £7000 that you have loaned us against our gold has solved our problems.

P C, Hampstead

I had my Rolex Daytona sitting in my draw and was very short of funds (short term), and the £4000 has got me out of my short term problem. Gerry, thanks for your professional service, and I will recommend you and definitely use you again if needed.

J B, Bridlington

Dear Pawndirect, My husband had been made redundant, and we were very short of money. On sending you my husband’s 100g 9ct ID bracelet, I was able to get £700 from you into my account within 1 hour of you receiving my goods, a massive thanks.

R H, Middlesbrough

It was my daughter’s 21st birthday and my husband had been made redundant. I had my mother’s 2ct 3 stone diamond ring and thanks to Pawndirect I was able to make a 21st party and buy my daughter a lovely present for her 21st birthday. They loaned me £1500. Now my husband has got his job back, I have redeemed my ring and all it cost me was £76. A big thank you.

C M , Finchley

Thank You Pawn Direct You helped me quickly and efficently with my £4000 loan. Pawning my goods was not easy but you helped ease the pain with the comfort that I will get my valuables back…

R J, Stockport

Thanks for the money I had tranfered into my bank account. After putting the phone down I looked at my account online and the money was there. Great service with great rates.

J R, London

Thank you for all your help. Very good communication throughout, and easy and quick.

R Z, London

Very pleased. It was good to meet you and see your offices and know that my valuables are secure. Thank you for all your kind help and for making it all so easy